School Tuition Rates 2017- 2018

Green River Montessori School

Infants and Toddlers – 3 months – 18 months (1.3 – 1:4 Ratio)

$360.00 per week/$80.00 per day or $1,350.00 per month

(Hours limited to 7:30-4:30 inclusive – Overtime charged for before/after these times)


Older Toddlers – 18 months – 3 years (1.6 – 1:7 Ratio)

$340.00 per week/$75.00 per day or $1,275.00 per month

(Hours limited to 7:15-4:45 inclusive – Overtime charged for before/after these times )


3-6 Year Olds (1.10 Ratio)

$250.00 per week/$62.50 per day or $920.00 per month

(Hours limited to 9.5 hours per day between 6:30 am – 5:00 pm)

Includes breakfast for those arriving by 7:45am, snacks, and a nutritious hot lunch five days a week. All children need to be in attendance by 9:00 am unless arrangements have been made in advance for a different schedule.


Half-Day Montessori Program

3-6 Year Old – 10 payments August 25 – May 25 (Based on School Days listed below) – Three hour sessions – 8:45-11:45

3-day: $320.00 per month (TWTH) – 108 School Days

4-day: $400.00 per month (M-Th) – 144 School Days

5-day: $480.00 per month (M-F) – 180 School Days

Extended care available by advance reservation: $8.50 per hour and $3.00 for hot lunch.


Kindergarten/Elementary Montessori Program

M-F 8:15-2:45 (Elementary) 8:45-2:45 (Kindergarten)

$8,200 per year (may be paid in 9 payments of $911.00 per month or 10 payments of $820.00 per month, due on the 25th day of the previous month beginning on August 25 and ending on April 25 or May 25)

180 School Days

Before and after school care is available for the private school full-day kindergarten/elementary students for $130.00 per month before school and $150.00 per month after school or $240.00 per month for the combination of before and after. If care is needed on a non-school day or during school breaks, the cost is $60.00 per day or $250.00 a week.

School uniforms are required for all children except for infants, toddlers and those in the before and after school program.

Students in the half-day preschool/kindergarten/elementary program are expected to enroll for the entire school year and must pay a deposit, equivalent to two weeks tuition in addition to registration and book fees. The deposit is held in reserve and will be applied to the final month’s tuition on May 25th. Students who withdraw prior to the last day of school will forfeit this amount. Tuition may be paid quarterly or monthly.

Before/After Public School

At the “Brick House” for Public School Students

Grades 1-5

6:30-8:30 am (plus late-start Mondays) and 3:00-5:30pm

$145.00 per week/$8.50 per hour or $500.00 per month. Monthly rate covers early dismissal days. The hourly rate is for reserved hours that are at a set schedule. Hourly schedules must be approved by the Green River Montessori School office. Full-day care is available on non-school days and during school breaks for $250.00 per week or $60.00 per day. Students on the flat monthly rate may attend non-school days for  $30.00 for each day. Tuition is adjusted for holidays and non-school days for students on the hourly rate. Students on the hourly rate will be charged a minimum of eight hours a week.

Schedule changes and variable schedules that affect tuition must be submitted to the office by the 20th day of the previous month. Changes in payment plans or amounts must be submitted in writing to the office 30 days in advance and require acceptance and approval of Green River Montessori School.




Green River Montessori School requires automatic withdrawals from bank accounts or credit card charges to be deducted on the billing dates. The school must be notified at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled billing date of any changes. Weekly and daily tuition is due two weeks at a time and payable every other week in advance. Monthly tuition is due by the 25th day of the previous month. Unpaid tuition may result in immediate termination until the account is brought up-to-date.

A 10% additional fee will be added if payment is rejected or not paid within the first four days of due date (includes the week-end). The 10% late fee will continue to acrue each week until the payment is satisfied (even after termination from the program).


New Registrants – $150.00 for the 1st child and $100.00 for each additional child of the same family
Returning Registrants – $100.00 per child 
Summer Registration – $50.00 per child
Elementary Material Fee – $175.00 per year (Billed in two payments August 25 & January 25)
Kindergarten Material Fee – $150.00 per year (Billed in two payments August 25 & January 25)
Preschool Material Fee – $100.00 per year (Billed in two payments August 25 & January 25)
Fundraising – $200.00 per year (excludes public school students – Billed May 25)
Overtime – After 9.5 hours: $5.00 per half hour per child. –After closing, this fee changes to $5.00 per 5 minutes  
NSF Charge – $35.00
Bookkeeping Charges – $25.00 for each month that must be researched or adjusted after 30 days have passed.
Tax Statements – No charge
Collection Fees – 10% late fee each week that balance remains unpaid plus all attorney/collection fees.