The Brick House

The Cosmic Curriculum

Dr. Montessori called the elementary program, the “cosmic curriculum”.  The cosmic curriculum necessarily draws from the solid sensorial base built in the preschool and the elementary years and proceeds to immerse the children in an academic interface with their cosmic, physical, psychological and cultural realities.  Concepts are taught from the largest scope to smallest, each adding detail and showing the interconnectedness of all things. The Montessori Method in the elementary pertains to the Great Lessons which, with each year of increasing levels of detail and complexity, constitute a rich curriculum similar to a liberal arts college program.

The cosmic curriculum provides the “big picture” and demonstrates how the various sciences, art, history, language, literature, geography and math are interrelated. Concepts and processes are learned through specially crafted materials that demonstrate interrelationships underlying classifications, hierarchies, timelines, fact tables, and statistics.  Without doubt, like the sensorial environment in the preschool, the prepared environment in the elementary years succeeds to encourage growth of each child as a whole individual – intellectually, socially, spiritually, and physically.

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